Nearly forty years ago, at the age of six, Jim Mains started placing ketchup covered T-shirts in the front yard of his parents home on Halloween to look like a gruesome creepy scene. 

A few years later, at eight years old, he quit trick or treating and would instead spend Halloween night hiding in his front yard waiting to scare the 20 to 30 kids going door to door for candy.

When Mains was ten years old he started putting up Christmas lights on the neighboring lawns covering four homes on the street he grew up on, with a Christmas display. That same year he had his first story in the local Columbian newspaper mentioning the display. 

This was the beginning of the decorating bug that bit Jim Mains at an early age. Over the years the display on 44th street in Vancouver Washington would grow. Halloween night 250 kids would stop by for Tricks and Treats, many of Jim’s friends would partake in the festivities.

Who would have guessed back then that today the Mains home is one of the most recognized displays in Clark County. Jim’s family home on Franklin street is the location where Mains spends his evenings and weekends in September prepping for Halloween and most of November putting lights up over six properties.

“I love what I do” said Jim Mains. “I think I missed my calling, I should have been a decorator.” 

I think he is a decorator. The Mains family display known as Holidays on Franklin is published and featured in over 20 television broadcasts, newspapers and magazines. Internationally recognized in 2021 on Telemundo.

Today, Jim’s brother-in-law Nate Hildebrand, Clark College students and goddaughters Grace and Lucy Sherman, neighbors Paul and Diane Smethers and Dave Sherman come together to produce an unforgettable display for both Halloween and Christmas. In 2021 over 10,000 trick or treaters visited the street. From Thanksgiving to New Years over 150,000 lights shine along the two blocks of homes. 

We are thankful for the Mains family and the joy they bring to the community. There is alway something fun to spot on Franklin Street. 

- Erica Erickson, 2021